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Mar 08, 2019 23:01:19


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I don't how about you but I can never work hard on Friday. I cannot find the motivation. All my thoughts during the day are just about the coming weekend and free time.

Friday is still one big piece of the working week but the will is lost and usually, I am just hanging around. Reading posts, watching youtube videos, scrolling through Instagram, petting our dog and so. My boss must be proud haha.

If would anybody have some tips about how to improve Friday productivity just tell me. It would be very appreciated. 

Fortunately, I saved the day with the boxing lesson even though I am dying, all my body is hurting right now but inside I am happy haha. 

Anyway, the work out is needed it would be otherwise just chilling and it's always good to find some balance. 

.... maybe I shouldn't take food from McDonald's after haha ... but I will start with healthy food tomorrow... so all good. 

I wish you a beautiful weekend. Hope you can spend some great time with your friends or families and refresh your body and your mind after busy working days.

I will try to do the same. Maybe will work a little on my project need to better my karma haha.


Stay with me. Efran.

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