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Apr 19, 2019 07:00:00


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Wow, another week is coming to an end. I can't believe we already have mid-April.

Easter is also coming up this weekend, pretty late this year. So it will be an extended weekend for me, as I've taken Tuesday and Wednesday also off. So I can Visit my grandparents as I didn't see them in a while.

Also, it's time to get some freelancing stuff done, that piled up during the week. There is always something to do :)

Hopefully, I've time to work on my new idea #makertracker. I won't give any information out right now, but you can check out my progress over at makerlog: https://getmakerlog.com/products/makertracker

Heck, another 90 words to go. Today is a little bit weird, no really great idea hit my header after waking up. That's probably gonna happen more often as the streak will continue to grow.

Anyway, my goal is to leave work today, at latest, about 3 p.m. We'll see if that's possible.

How are you all going to spend your weekend? I don't think everybody will celebrate Easter so I would be interested what you're up to.

No, I'm not that religious myself, but as Austria is mainly a Roman-Catholic country, it's part of our culture.

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