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Apr 12, 2019 13:44:04

friday struggles

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Do you know these days when you just want to be alone in your world? For me it's today. I am not motivated to work. People at work just talking and I am getting a head aches. I don't know why. Always I got to this mood just by myself. I start to feel uncomfortable and after a while, I just cannot bear to be around anybody else. It is weird there is no big reason to be like that, but for me its really hard to get out of this state of mind. Maybe go for a walk, breath some freash air and be alone for a while would do the job. Even though my mind would rather run away completely (leave home and sleep). Fortunately is Friday, just a few hours left so I can be home soon and I will definitely get some strength back on the weekend. Maybe it's just cuz of my sickness and I'm not 100 ready to work full time and need more resting before I get my power back. Maybe all of this is just a lie and I am just making excuses to work...

Anyway, its time for lunch let's improve this day immediately. :)


Stay with me. Efran.

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