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Dec 02, 2018 08:31:36

Fried oysters, without the oysters

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Fried oysters are a thing in Malaysia. It is basically an oyster omelet with some rice flour. The resulting whole is deep fried.

Now, cooked oysters seem quite mainstream in Asia from what I saw - I ate for example boiled oysters with butter in Vietnam - but fried oyster, this is a first.

In France we use to eat oysters raw with their sea water. It is harder to get your oysters raw in Asia for obvious environmental reasons. The taste difference is quite pronounced, and this is too much of a cultural shock for me - I hate cooked oysters, they make me sick. I am already not a big fan of raw oysters, but one oyster per year with some good white wine goes a long way in your well-being. Maybe one day I will be used to it and eating some more.

However, take out the oysters from the fried oysters, and you get the best omelet you can possibly imagine.

I was trying to get my regular koay teow th'ng the other day - a fish noodle soup - at my regular place. I arrived at the wrong moment: they were out of broth. The only stall left was serving fried oysters. Then, I had this crazy idea to ask for fried oysters, without the oysters as I do not like those. The eggs are mixed with rice flour, salt and herbs. The mixture is deep fried in a pan similar to the one you use for paellas. Yes, those huge frying pans. 11 ringgits later (2.6$), you are served a fat good-looking omelet.

The omelet is a bit crunchy, yet sticky, and it melts in your mouth. This must be how heaven tastes like: both the texture and the taste are incredible.

The only downside is that it is incredibly oily. You quickly get full or disgusted, I don't know which one first.

That was a hella good omelet though.

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    @basilesamel one of my favorite dishes! My dad, however, makes that straight up without the oysters.

    Victoria Maung avatar Victoria Maung | Dec 02, 2018 17:00:49
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      @vickenstein I will pay you money if I can get my hands on your father's receipe

      Basile Samel avatar Basile Samel | Dec 02, 2018 17:07:13
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      @basilesamel Haha, I'll have to ask him for it! But I do know that what he eyeballs all his measurements (wheat flour + rice flour and/or potato starch, eggs, soy sauce, green onions, etc" and just fries the monstrosity in a vat of oil (much to my mom's detriment). It might even be a bit far removed from the original recipe! If you ever get the chance to hop over to Myanmar, I know they have a lot of rice-flour based pancakes as well!

      Victoria Maung avatar Victoria Maung | Dec 02, 2018 21:46:48
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    @basilesamel do they fry it in the shell or without it?

    Matt Lo avatar Matt Lo | Dec 02, 2018 10:05:25
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      @mattlo without fortunately :P

      Basile Samel avatar Basile Samel | Dec 02, 2018 10:10:15
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    @basilesamel Ohh yes! One of my favorite! I could feel it in my mouth now ?

    Gene Lim avatar Gene Lim | Dec 02, 2018 08:49:02
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      @wernminlim yeah I get it's a delicacy here right :P My malaysian friends love it as well

      Basile Samel avatar Basile Samel | Dec 02, 2018 09:01:29
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