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Jan 20, 2019 15:44:50


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Gene Lim

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In these past few weeks, I have been researching on how to keep user to always wanting to go back and use any software service. Attracted and intrigued is the main word to be used here. How and what should we do to keep user to be attracted and intrigued by your creation.

Keep design and usability of the software aside as it is a must to have them. Another question to ask that will give us clue is why do people love playing game and some will even take hours and hours just to play games. 

Well, this is actually the key. Game, or even better, Gamification. Every game has this mechanism that makes the user wanting to reach their goals. It could be by slaying some big bosses, getting some hidden treasures or even to be the best player on the game. Some even come to the extend to spend additional money just to speed up their process by paying for micro transaction of the game.

This mechanism is really a good concept. If it could be applied even to any software services, possibly of gaining additional users and recurring customer will increase because they will always want to use the software for them to achieve something.

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