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Dec 30, 2018 16:38:13

Genting Highland, Malaysia

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Gene Lim

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Continuing from my yesterday's post about me having an unproductive week, today I left my home with my family in a 4 hours drive to a mountain called Genting Highland for 2 days. Since I am based in Penang, the weather there is averagely around 28 to 36 degrees celsius which is quite hot for me. Going up to Genting Highland for a short stay-cation is going to temporarily fix that hot weather feeling as it's average temperature is around 15 to 23 degrees celsius. This will keep my body away sweating much (laughing myself).

Genting Highland is a place where people usually go to relax. This will be my family's last vacation for 2018, especially for my son as schooling days will be starting after the New Year. After the long drive, we arrived in the hotel, Gloria Ion Delemen. Unexpectedly it is the hotel's soft launching month, so the facilities and rooms are all brand new.

The last time we visited Genting Highland was last year 2017. This year 2018, when we stepped in the place, we actually got lost. The place totally changed, not from what we knew it as before. It actually changed for the better as there is a lot of new indoor rides, entertainment, outlets and restaurants. The structure of the place seems to changed too. The outdoor theme park, 20th Century Fox was supposed to open it by this year but it was postponed for some specific reason (you can check online for more details on the outdoor theme park).

Since it is literally 2 days before the year ends, so the place is packed with people everywhere till there is not much space to walk. We were able to do only 4 types of entertainment. Zombie Outbreak, Jurassic Park, Snow World and 4D Museum. To those who love to play Pokemon Go, there is a festival on going all over the place. The next thing we knew, it was time for dinner. Time passed so fast when we are enjoying a lot.

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    @wernminlim Good to see another Malaysian here =)

    Lex Tan avatar Lex Tan | Jan 04, 2019 11:49:16
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