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Dec 31, 2018 14:43:31

Genting Highland (part 2)

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Gene Lim

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This will be another continuation of my yesterday's post about Genting Highland but more of what we did today. Today is exactly the eve of the New Year 2019. Me and my family is celebrating the New Year here.

We planned today's activity last night because we knew that this place is a place of attraction where it will be really crowded everywhere. So even though we actually drove here, we just parked our car at the hotel's car park the whole day and took the shuttle provided by our hotel to First World Genting where the fun begins. 

We took the earliest shuttle in the morning to First World Genting and from there, we took the cable car towards the Premium Outlet. This is a place where branded stuff from foods to clothing to accessories and shoes are sold in a cheaper price comparing to buying them from the local malls. Though we did not really get much for our self, we do enjoy the cold weather and the environment of the place.

We are supposed to view the New Year's fireworks and count down from First World Genting, but if we do, it will be very crowded, it is not very child friendly and we may have a hard time to get back to our hotel as the shuttle has limited spaces. Instead of doing the count down there, we did it at our hotel because there is a count down at our hotel too and we can actually view First World's fireworks from the hotel. 

All I can say using words is that it is very beautiful and we are happy with today. To every reader who is reading this, HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU!

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