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Jul 13, 2019 20:53:42

Getting back into comic book reading and collecting

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Macario James

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I've been a comic book fan since i could remember. My father bought me hundreds of comic books as a kid -- many of them came from a Sears collection box for Christmas or maybe my birthday. Didn't matter; the box had Thor and The Thing on it. I loved venturing to shops throughout Brooklyn and the City over the years. Both of us mainly Marvel fans, but dabbled here and there in some DC stuff. I even had some Spawn comics. I immediately think back and see Vision, Nightcrawler, Wolverine, Daredevil, The Fantastic Four, Night Hawk, Submariner, Ghost Rider, etc.

Once high school hit, though, i sorta shied away from it, focusing more on videogames. I would occassionally stop into Midtown Comics over the early years in my twenties, but nothing on a monthly collecting basis.

With the advent of Wikipedia and social media, mainly Twitter and Facebook Groups, the last half decade or so, i've been able to stay abreast of the goings-on, the different series and what is ever-changing in canon. But i still hadn't gotten back into actually venturing into a shop and leaving with some books. At least not consistently.

I stumbled upon the graphic novel series, Saga, which is amazeballs, like three years ago. And the series The Wicked + The Divine also piqued my interest, but like many things i just let them leave my attention.

Watching (most of) the TV shows Marvel and DC have made over that time has helped a ton. From Arrow to Runaways, The Gifted to Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, I'm locked-in visually. Weirdly enough, the written word version has been out of reach. But no more.

I made a choice to change all that this year. I ordered a plastic comic book storage bin and some boards and plastic bags off Amazon. Put it together today and smiled. Also received my first mystery subscription box from Forbidden Geek last month, with the second month's box shipping yesterday, according to an email. Heck, they even got me with an upsell email to get 10 additional comics for only $4.99. Sold.

Currently reading Hellblazer, Original Sins #1, which i copped last weekend before a day trip to the wave pool. I did more tanning and lounging in the sun than reading. Because of the show Legends of Tomorrow, John Constantine was back on my radar and one of my favourites. (I first was introduced by the Keanu Reeves movie version a decade or so back.) It's so good. Hellblazer's storytelling and artistry are top-notch. Check it out. Any of the adaptations of John Constantine.

So, anyway. Enough of the prattling on and on, jumping from whatever to whatever and back again. Time to get back to reading Hellblazer.

Cheers and peace, y'all.

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