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Aug 24, 2019 20:12:15

Getting out of the Business | Switch Hitter -- pt 9

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She realized that she barely knew him. They stole cars together, back when Rooney thought it was cool to be an attractive criminal who smoked cigarettes and had liberal amounts of sex. But that was another time. Now, she didn't think any of that was cool. Although she still smoked. 

She had vowed to quit as soon as she got to college. It'd help put a dent into the cost of tuition and textbooks and the outrageous rent near the university anyway. But now that she was locked in this military armored hospital room with no windows, she thought out loud. Who is Pajack? What did she know about him.

She didn't even know his last name. Where he was from. What type of conversations had the two held during those days when they went around jacking luxury cars and selling them off to terrorists and other criminals? 

Money. That had been all the two ever talked about. Or no. Not money... money literally, but metaphorically they were speaking of dreams. A better life that was just one lick away. But they kept hitting licks and the dream never seemed to come any closer. 

Rooney never really thought of getting in trouble with the law. She knew that it was a possibility, but she never felt like it would happen. Otherwise she would've never gotten into such business. She didn't feel it until her friend, and one of her lovers at the time, Duke, got nabbed by a fixer who had been pretending to be an undercover cop, but actually turned out to be an undercover cop pretending to be a fixer pretending to be an undercover cop. Duke was facing up to five years for selling crack and heroin. His life was essentially over. But before he was able to get sentenced his life came to a literal end, when he was found dead in his cell. 

Following Duke's death Rooney never committed another crime. She cut ties with everyone she knew through the business. Everyone except for Pacjak. Now she was wondering why Pajack? Why had she continued talking to him?

She watched him. He looked so peaceful connected to all these tubes and sensors. Like he was in an eternal baby's dream. Rooney thought about life, and then thought about maybe how it'd be better if Pajack never woke up at all. Maybe it'd be better if he was just to go out strong.... go out in whatever blissful dream he was in right then.

Rooney was about to strangle Pajack when the phone began ringing. It was a landline. The only mode of communication in this room. She went to pick it up.

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