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Aug 24, 2019 02:15:14

Getting out of Westcity | Switch Hitter - pt 4

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Zara was glad Phelps was there. During her drive she had known he would be in her office, but with so much riding on the line simply knowing wasn't enough.

"We need to go now." she said. 

"But the storm." Phelps said. Then he immediately wondered why he even cared about the storm. Wasn't he just about to go out and get wet under the rain anyways? "Nevermind. Why such the hurry."

"Not enough time. I'll explain in the car."

Phelps made a look and then nodded. He had done this to Zara countless times before. How strange it felt to have the tables turn on him in this way. 

In the car Phelps played with the knobs of the radio, but none of the stations came through clear. 

"Just use your phone." Zara said while staring straight ahead.

"I don't have any music on it."

"Want to use mine?"

"Mmmmm no. That's okay."

When the first began driving away from the police department, it felt like they were as fast as a high speed chase. Now that they were out of the city center things felt like they had slowed down. The air felt a bit more relaxed. 

"Do you really still listen to the radio?"

Phelps looked at her innocently, like a puppy Zara thought. A puppy who had no idea what type of shit they were in.

"You know me. I'm old school." Phelps said.

"Yes." Zara said. "I know."

They drove in silence for a few minutes. Human silence at least. No talking. No music. Just rain, the flexing of wiper blades, the engine, and the sound of tries swooshing through wet road. Phelps broke the silence.

"So any chance you can tell me where we are going?"

"It's a bit of a convoluted explanation. I'd rather just tell you when we get there."

Harry was just about to bring up the fact that Zara had promised to explain in the car. But he held his tongue-- no he didn't even need to bite his tongue. He felt outside himself. Like he didn't have control over things anymore. He just felt like a piece of flesh riding inside a high-tech shell that was shielding him and another piece of flesh from rain and wind.

While looking at the window as they exited Westcity and entered the empty vast country roads where there were no lights, Harry thought of how much the tables had turned. Now it was Zara who knew everything... or at least more than him, which in this game meant everything. 

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