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May 08, 2019 07:06:05

Getting What You Deserve

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Jack Lyons

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It's amazing how much can change within a week. All it takes is one new idea, a book, a quote, a chance encounter with someone ... to change your journey entirely. I'm a big believer in fate and that things _generally_ happen for a reason.  I also believe that you get what you need or what you're looking for, when you're ready to receive it.

There are a lot of frustrating things in my life that I wish were better:

  • I want to be a smarter coder and problem solver.
  • I want to finish all the online courses I have enrolled in over the past 12-18 months.
  • I want to be fluent in German so I can communicate freely with my wife's friends and family.
  • I want to be a better rock climber.
  • I want to share more new and exciting activities with my wife
  • I want to have more deep and meaningful conversations with my wife without our emotions getting in the way and ruining the experience

The list goes on ... So many wants in there... But do I really deserve them?

Probably not. If I'm honest, I can tell myself right now that I:

a.) wasn't  or am not ready to receive these things

b.) do not rightly deserve these things, and

c.) I hadn't earned these things, either.

Life is a reflection of what you give it and a good life is earned. This is why we often see mediocre results. To me, it's obvious that I haven't put in the work to receive what I desire. But still, it's hard not to feel resentment for not being where you want to be.

I am coming to these realisations because I am tired of playing the "victim" card. There's probably an excuse for every point listed above - but deep down, I know they can be overcome. Whats more, I bet that if I were to go beyond the vanity of these goals then I may well uncover a deeper concern that I haven't even tapped into.

Ooo that's getting deep.

For any great change there will be a period of transformation. Everything is hard in the beginning and that's what prevents us from starting. If we have started, it's still a messy ride and it's not exactly clear how to or maintain a consistent course. 

One things I really dislike, though, is that we tend to think it's all just about hard work and hustle. In our modern world there are so many new age guru's trying push us to be better, faster, stronger, and hustle harder. Yeah, I am willing to work hard, but I don't need to listen to every podcast, go to every networking meetup or seminar, workout every day, or study all the great things in the world.

I don't wanna be a hustler.

I can tell you right now that that's exactly why I started to resent my career as a programmer. Too much work, stress and time in front of the computer without enough time to decompress.

Why doesn't anyone prize the importance of rest and it's role in growth?

All great transformations, and journeys to self-improvement require periods of rest. The body and the mind need to rejuvenate. It's an integral part of the process.  Much like practicing Savasana in the final stages of a yoga practice.

In any given class you'll likely see someone jump up early and scoot out, anxiously ready to address their notifications on their phone. Most people think it's boring because you're just laying there, still and silent. Nothing's going on.

Actually, contrary to what people believe, there is a lot that's going on.

Stress is reduced; the mind releases as well as calms. Fresh blood flows into the expanded muscle, tendon and fascia - enriching the body. You absorb all the good stuff and are left feeling revitalised and blissful.

So why the heck would you want to skip out on that? Because we aren't trained to let go and relax - it's scary to be left alone in stillness and silence with nothing but your thoughts. We seek distraction and love to continually be busy. Oh, and it makes for such a great story hearing about just how busy you were last week.... Said no one ever.

So yeah, I do want all these great things and I wish everyone else greatness too. However, we need to realise that none of them will truly manifest unless we are in  the right state to welcome this new information, complexity and responsibility into our lives. It takes an honest look in the mirror to figure that out.

What do you think? Agree, or disagree ... I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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