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Jun 22, 2019 23:44:56

Gin Journey

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Craig Petterson

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Today was the day I booked for our Gin Journey in Liverpool. I bought this experience for Nay's birthday in May, but this was the first day we were both available and they had two spots free.

If you've never been on a Gin tour before, after today, I can highly recommend it. We went with a good little bunch - 4-5 couples and a group of 6 or 7 women for a 50th birthday, a rowdy bunch, but it was fun!

We went to Liverpool early to grab some lunch in preparation for the extrodinary amount of alcohol we were about to consume. We tried Five Guys for the first time. Exceedingly overpriced, but damn tasty burgers and fresh milkshakes.

After arriving at a quaint, little bar called Furnivals Well, quite early. We prompt outselves up at the bar and got a head start on the party before moving outside into the sun. A glorious day for it.

We made our way around 5 stops, with 5 different gin 'shots' and 5 different gin based cocktails. All the venues were amazing - one inside an old style phone box and another hidden away behind a back door that looks like a staff entrance.

Nay had been involved a competition to take a load of photos on the tour. The most posts won a prize - our lovely set of 4 gin glasses!

We wrapped up the evening with more expensive food and a quick visit to a house party before a slow sobering bus journey home where Nay now sleeps on the coach while I type up our day…

The end.

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