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Mar 13, 2019 12:12:43

Good things come to those who write?

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Nathan Barry wrote a pretty compelling post yesterday. He said most of his successful—highest paid—friends are writers and teachers. This is certainly a good incentive to learn how to write well, but I'm positive that getting good at writing goes beyond financial incentives.

Which leads me to think, why is it I wanted to get good at writing? 

For one, when you're practicing writing, you're also practicing how to think clearly. This does a few things: You're assimilating what you've learned. Richard Feymann famously said if you can't explain it simply, you don't really understand it. Once you learn something and you take the effort to write about it in detail, chances are you won't forget it for a long time, maybe ever.

Secondly, if you write a piece well there are more chances other people will read it (via sharing), and as a result you might gain a new follower, a new friend, even a new mentor. Some said writing is the new networking. Opportunities sprout from writing an article that impresses people.

Third and finally, and this ties to the financial incentive mentioned. You're spreading the opportunity for people to discover you. You're bypassing a lot of the hurdles to potential clients or recruiter who are impressed by what your content. This leads to more work opportunities, better jobs, even a potential business just like Nathan mentioned.

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