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Feb 13, 2019 18:02:46

Goodbye Notion Hello again Trello

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I mention about trying to replace Trello with Notion for this month, but after one week of testing, I m giving up and go back to Trello again.

I know Notion is like a walled garden, no API to interact with outside, everything can be done within itself. I didn't think it feels so restricted when you can't communicate with other standard apps.

With the Notion new bookmark feature, I try to migrate over to Notion and use it replace my Trello. I manage my work in progress task with board view and switch between the list view and calendar view. Easy switch between different view did help for some of the particular case, but it makes me feel messy. For example, if I on board view and I can't see what I save through the bookmarklet, because it never tags with some label to show under board view ( using the labels to grouping column). Of course, there is some workaround like always display the column without label etc.

What triggers me today is the Calendar feed, you can convert your board into Calendar view in Notion, very flexible and very configurable, but you can't output as a calendar feed and read on it on Google Calendar

I used Google Calendar as my primary calendar tools; I save important appointment and event on it. I sync other services calendar to my Google calendar as well; for example, I sync my todoist task calendar, I sync my Trello for my product milestone, all these can view in one overview on Google calendar.

All these can't be done with Notion, after some consideration today, I just migrate back to Trello and leave my notes on Bearnote for now. Notion maybe we try again after you get the API.

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