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May 08, 2019 00:50:58

GOT: 4/6, 4/10

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Very many people watch Game of thrones. For the last few years the show has formed a large part of popular culture. Our lingua is littered with many GOT inspired slangs. To say it has been a success would be an understatement.

 After a year long break the show returned for its last season. Armed with its biggest budget, now globally recognized cast, fans, stans and an army of paid and unpaid advertisers the world braced for winter (Johnny Walker in hand). The first two episodes were like foreplay, which is good in theory, only the dialogue wasn’t quite as good and the foreplay went on too long (yes, it’s a thing and they managed it). 

Winter came and it was too dark and it felt as if the fight scene was needlessly long to set a record. The less said about the battle strategy the better (could easily have been deliberate to show Jon and Dany aren’t military strategists). I don't see the Night King's rationale of singling out Bran because he's the 'memory of the world'. What does that even mean? Why is it important? Bran is theoretically the most powerful character yet he has not come to the fore in any meaningful way beyond hosting a gossip show at Winterfell's courtyard. Then there is the fact that someone aboard a dragon in the sky did not spot a fleet of ships in the open sea. Are the writers arsenal fans praising an Ozil pass? Could Dany see only within the frame of the camera? Then there's the Starbucks cup. What next? A raven using an iPhone? These guys have stopped trying. The best episode this year has been 'The story so far'; a summary of the previous seasons. Tells you everything. 

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    @chika46 You echo the sentiments of many people online. My impression is that many fans are disappointed overall in this final season. I suppose I can be counted as one of them as well, and my expectations were not through the roof before the season started. My going theory is that since the story outpaced the books, they have gotten far off the path of what George R.R. Martin originally intended. It's been a good run. I hope in these last two episodes we can go out on a high note.

    Brandon Wilson avatar Brandon Wilson | May 08, 2019 07:58:53
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      @brandonwilson I agree with you and share your hope. I hope the last two episodes make up for what has been a disappointing season so far. Won't hold my breath

      Chika avatar Chika | May 12, 2019 00:36:50
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