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Jun 18, 2019 15:00:07

GoT on forums

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Yes... I KNOW... me and GoT AGAIN... I should have just let it go...  And yet, my blood still boils... 

Maybe because yesterday, on my quest of rewatching/watching all parts of Marvel Movies IN THE PROPER ORDER (to be adequately prepared for the Avengers Endgame! Thank you @juliasaxena , it all makes so much more sense now!) in Thor I saw Laufey, the King of Frost Giants, who looks just like Night King, or actually the other way round, as it seems GRRM might have drawn inspiration from Norse myths.

And so, I went down the rabbit hole of forums' chatter yet again...

(...) you could have literally picked an audience member out of the crowd at random that could have made better decisions for the entirety of season 8.
Everything. From the ridiculously stupid military decisions, to the plot armor, to backpeddling on seasons of character development, to decisions that make the characters seem like idiots, to killing the Night King in seconds against a character, to reducing a maniacal villain like Cersei to being a wailing cry baby...
It's just insane how out-of-touch the showrunners were with this thing they had spent so much of the last 8 years building. (...) It's inconceivably difficult to understand just how that happens.
It's just such a horrible waste. You had an opportunity to put this into the 'hall of fame' of TV and you fucked it up right at the end.
Season 8 killed the show for me. The magic is totally gone.
This is how I feel. I can get me 250+ GB of space back again.
I was gonna buy the full Blu-Ray 4K set for my rewatch. Now, I just have extra money instead.
But interestingly enough, it's made me want to... 

read the books to see it done right.

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    @lucjah I'll have to confess total ignorance of GoT. By total I mean it took me a while to interpret the acronym, GoT. But the ferocity displayed by the social media debate is intriguing.
    Please share more. I'm reminded of the cult that suddenly appeared on campus when Lord of the Rings was discovered in the 60's. In the days before social media we found each other by dressing up and speaking in code.

    Mike Byrnes avatar Mike Byrnes | Jun 18, 2019 09:23:11
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