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Jan 07, 2019 17:35:27


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Russell Morgan

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During the day the graveyard could be easily missed. The entrance was a simple cast iron fence attached to stone pillars that only rose to shoulder height. Because it was old some of it had been replaced by a section of wire fencing, giving it a shabby, under construction look. At night it was a different story, being on a residential street and on the apex of the bend the lights would be very noticeable as you came around the corner. If you lived close by it would a consistent reminder of your mortality. As a result the street it was on was not as well traveled as the surrounding blocks, which suited Jerry just fine.

Jerry had lived on the street since he was a child. For most of his life he had ignored the graveyard the way everyone else had, favoring the long way around or keeping busy as he passed on his bike or on foot. Sometimes he would literally whistle. But then came the high school dares, the way boys determine status by seeing how long each one of them could stay in the graveyard solo or how far they would be willing to venture inside.

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    @russellmorgan What a great start, looking forwarded to following your writing.

    Tracy Farnsworth avatar Tracy Farnsworth | Jan 08, 2019 15:12:45
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      @taowist Thanks Tracy, I think I just realized I'm using this tool the wrong way and it's not really meant for multipart fiction but oh well, I'm not stopping now!

      Russell Morgan avatar Russell Morgan | Jan 08, 2019 15:14:11
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      @russellmorgan I think you're using it just fine. Just keep it numbered in case those that follow you can read in the correct order!

      Tracy Farnsworth avatar Tracy Farnsworth | Jan 08, 2019 15:18:38
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    @russellmorgan This piece teared me up in the first line. Thank you. Cecilia

    p.s. I do not know how to navigate this site, or I would immediately give it a heart. apologies....

    Cecilia Cordova avatar Cecilia Cordova | Jan 07, 2019 20:27:20
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      @ceciliacordova Thanks so much for the encouragement! I'm using this platform to build my long lost fiction writing muscles, hopefully it helps. Good luck with your writing plans!

      Russell Morgan avatar Russell Morgan | Jan 08, 2019 14:53:18
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      @russellmorgan @ceciliacordova I didn't know that one can be "a shadow" here? Cecilia, are you a bot? Since when are you shadowing? Im asking here, as there is no way to comment on No200wad person... :p

      Lucjah avatar Lucjah | Jan 18, 2019 18:10:46
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