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Mar 02, 2019 22:11:51


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You are talking to a blind man who asks you to describe the colour "green". Write down what you would tell this man without once using the word "green" in your explanation. [I'm doing this for all 7 colours of the rainbow as a writing slump cheat. Read my yellow, orange, blue, red post.]

A deep, abundant calm that heals everything. Like a walk in the forest. Or strolling through the rice fields early in the season. Imagine the sound of tall grasses rustling in the wind, as you walk amongst them, with your hand brushing past. The air is scented with the earthy aroma of the grass, and it fills you up like food. Soul food. The birds chirp an early morning song with the sun just up above the horizon. The cool breeze brushes through your hair like a loved one combing it, just as it brushes the 'hair' of tall grasses of Mother Earth. The fields stretch out as far as your eye could see. And here you are, just you alone, embraced by this huge expanse of quiet calm. You take a deep, expansive breath inwards, and slowly, the space within you - your mind, your breath, your being - resembles the space without. A deep, loving, peaceful expanse. You need nothing else. You are enough.

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