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Apr 03, 2019 15:27:11

Grief. I wish someone had told me . . . (1)

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This text is from a website, but I have not "copy paste"ed it! I rewrote it "manually" and edited it a bit, to make it more about grief and loss in general and not just grief connected with death.

64 things about grief I wish someone had told me (snippets):

  • Stop avoiding and be present!
  • Dying is not like you see in the movies. It does not happen peacefully, or according to a plan. You may not have a spiritual or meaningful moment. It is too real.
  • There will be pressure from others to move on, even minutes or hours after a death/loss, and this can lead to regrets. (I must admit that I have an idea what it might be about, but I don’t understand it literally.)
  • Death and grief make people uncomfortable, so be prepared for awkward encounters.
  • When people offer support, take them on it.
  • People will bring you food because they don’t know what else to do. Don’t feel bad throwing it away.
  • People will say stupid, hurtful things without even realising that.
  • Death brings out the best and the worst in families, be prepared.

  • People will tell you things about your grief that are not true.

(to be continued)

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    @lucjah thank you. <3

    PhilH avatar PhilH | Apr 15, 2019 23:20:12
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