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Next to the man on the stool with a cane was a giant gum ball machine. I always asked my mom for quarters and she always said no.

That man on the stool with a cane was there every time I was. So I figured he came in everyday. One time I asked him why he hung around a laundromat everyday all day and he yelled at me saying that he wasn't.

I would ask him sometimes if I could change the channel. He always played sports. I wanted to watch cartoons. I wished that the place had cable, but we only had antenna TV, and the picture looked like a bunch of colorful ants running around. 

One of the channels that came through decently clear played a cartoon called Carmen Sandiego. The man would let me watch that sometimes. And then when it was over he would flip it back over to sports. Sometimes he'd give me quarters to buy gumballs with. I always wanted those gumballs. But when I finally got the quarters to buy them, they tasted disgusting and I soon spit the clod out. Still, in the future, I'd still be trying to get a quarter for yet another gum ball.

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