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Aug 06, 2019 06:42:09

Habit Tracking Reboot

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I have been trying to grow some positive habits this year; it works well for the first few months, it helps me to change my daily schedule with these new habits. Then everything stops. It's been three months I can't build up new habits and even affected some of my already built habits.

I thought that maybe is because I am getting bored on how I was tracking my habits on Habitify, so I try something new to see if a new way of tracking going to motivate myself. First, I work with the Ultraworking Lights Spreadsheet way and nope it doesn't help. Then I try with Todoist and sync it over to Trello, it helps a little, but it needs lots of manual effort to keep track.

While I am doing a monthly review, I realised it not because of tools; it's because my mindset, I been pushing myself hard for the first few months, so I try to run away for the past two months. Checking on my previous twos monthly review, I been slack and low productivity, that's my main reasons that I can't build up new habits.

So I put myself back to Habitify, it is still one of the best habit trackers, doing some new planning and adjust my daily routine again. Let's hope this is going to bring me back the productivity momentum again.

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    @knight FWIW I've really liked using https://app.everyday.app/

    Daniel Miller avatar Daniel Miller | Aug 12, 2019 06:26:26
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      @danielmiller the app looks good ! if I fail on habitify, will going to try this next.

      Knight avatar Knight | Aug 13, 2019 06:30:42
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    @knight I'd downloaded Habitify but never used it. But hearing you mention it, I'm not curious to hear your take.. What would you say are the top 3 things you love about it?

    Jason Leow avatar Jason Leow | Aug 06, 2019 21:07:33
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      1. sync - I have the early version where both desktop n mobile is just once-off payment
      2. calendar view - monthly overview for a specific task, in one glance I can tell how my task perform
      3. progress view - tell you hows your progress in stats for all tasks

      Knight avatar Knight | Aug 07, 2019 06:38:11
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    Forgive yourself for dropping the habit (for a day, week, month, year, whatever).
    Every day is a new day.
    Every day you can be a different you.

    Keep everything simple.
    Maybe not even track anything if it takes more than a few seconds to track.

    I know the feeling. Getting stuck in 'planning' part of a habit.
    Especially with working out I had this problem.
    Now I just start. Even if the workout is short (due to illness, no time, kids crying, whatever).
    I start. Every. Single. Day.

    Just start.

    It doesn't matter that you stop halfway. That it wasn't 'perfect'.

    The beginning is what matters.

    Jibran avatar Jibran | Aug 06, 2019 11:11:23
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      @jibran thanks, yup the begin is important.

      Knight avatar Knight | Aug 07, 2019 06:38:53
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    @knight -- you need to fall in love! ( with the activity )

    Brian Ball avatar Brian Ball | Aug 05, 2019 18:28:49
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      @brianball haha I did, but my love is limited, need to share among all a bit tough

      Knight avatar Knight | Aug 07, 2019 06:39:33
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