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Sep 03, 2019 08:01:16

Hack Week: Day 1

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Sarah Hum

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Since we didn't have an idea to dive right into, we spent most of day one trying to decide what to hack on. 

The main criteria were:

  • We could build it from start to finish in ~3 days
  • It's interesting to our target audience
  • Not a part of Canny
  • We are excited to work on it

We had a list of several ideas and started fleshing each one out a little more. Over time, one idea emerged that we thought met our criteria the best.

In general, I saw a couple categories of project:

We could build a separate product that adds value to our target audience. Basically, it would be another SaaS tool but we'd give it away for free. 

More closely related to a value piece of content. Good Email Copy is a good example of a side project in this category. 

Our project falls into the "resource" category. Our idea is to build an interactive flow chart for product managers. I won't spoil too much right now.

It's a project that will be heavy on the design aspect which means it'll be fun and challenging to build. Today, we're hoping to get the flow down and the basic mechanics set up.

Day two let's go!

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    @hum oooh intriguing! Do you often do these fast pace hackathons?

    Craig Petterson avatar Craig Petterson | Sep 03, 2019 19:54:32
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      @craigpetterson No, not at all! This will be our first one. Will be an interesting experiment :)

      Sarah Hum avatar Sarah Hum | Sep 09, 2019 10:24:54
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      @hum good luck! Can’t wait to hear more. Let us know if we can help at all :)

      Craig Petterson avatar Craig Petterson | Sep 09, 2019 23:01:38
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      @craigpetterson aw thanks!

      Sarah Hum avatar Sarah Hum | Sep 10, 2019 10:42:55
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