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Aug 13, 2019 22:04:41

Happy for 'big' talks

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Recently, the routine one hour of the evening conversation between me and my bf changed, we start talking "big" instead of "small".

Though an hour is quite long, our common way is eating, watching, playing while saying something funny or annoying right in mind. It's "small" chat.

But things gradually changed.

Last night, the discussion of "the upside is unlimited, the downside is limited" cost us over half an hour, we both tried the best to test this equation with our 25-year-old life experience.

Suddenly, my bf asked, "We never talk in this way before, it's a sudden burst or something else?"

"Well, having a lot of to say is my causal situation, but the recent happy 'big' talk is the natural result of time."

"How does it work on us?"

"You, a two-year-old paid programmer, not until June you've officially graduated. Now you are bored with the familiar work, kind of financial-free and in control with life, that's when you begin unsatisfied. It's 'big' questions find you other than you mean to be a philosopher.

For me, after a long time speechless of so many 'aha', I start to redistribute my speaking with 20% of 'aha', 80% of my feelings. I'm not talking something new, it's my previous brainstorm efforts.

So, it seems like a coincidence that we meet at the point of 'happy for big talks', in fact, it's because we have the same demand in the same stage of life."

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    @5plus6 as in talking through phone ? or face to face talk ?

    Knight avatar Knight | Aug 14, 2019 07:08:29
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      @knight -through the phone, so it's easy to procrastinate when there is nothing to talk.

      5plus6 avatar 5plus6 | Aug 15, 2019 00:01:11
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