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May 01, 2019 17:14:03

Happy holiday

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I am on a tour bus and it would be a short and sweet post on the way. 

I am happy on the third day of my vacation. It has been raining heavily for the past two days when the nationwide holiday doesn't begin officially and few tourists outside. So it's undoubt that today's main tourist interests are crowded with people like me under the sunshine. There are so many lovely girls and boys on the street vigorously filling this beautiful city with laugh and energy.

I can't remember when did I feel so happy at last time. It's kind of weird that though I am getting older, I am easier to feel satisfied by meeting new people and things. Maybe the ability to enjoy the current moment would enhance by age, or I am more emotional than before. I told my friend about this new experience, he said it means that I am more open minded towards life so I could see and feel more detailed senses.

Tonight's plan is watching The Avengers at movie theater with my boy friend who is the big fans of super heros and try hard to let me enjoy it with him. He is excited now though I have already been spoiled  before, haha.

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