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Sep 25, 2019 16:11:22

He didn't know why he wanted to join a startup

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He had liked being a student. Liked the wind blowing as he sipped coffee drinks  under patio umbrellas; the afternoon hours flying by, the the rest of the city laboring. As a student he could afford to waste time. One day he'd be something. 

At least this is what he'd thought for the past three years. Now in his senior year,  that bright future felt a bit too near. Now he could see it and it wasn't that bright. It was more a confusing haze. Hazy not because he couldn't see it, but rather because he was trying not to.

Sometimes... for moments, right after hearing of someone he knew landing a high paying job in consulting he'd be consumed with regret for not majoring in something more practical. But that feeling would fade as soon as he began imagining what that would've entailed. Business. Plus, it's not like business was  practical. Not the business they taught at SU anyways. No. That was more management than actual business. Consultants. Fuck them.

Then sometimes he'd hear about an engineering student he knew getting a high paying job and he'd feel that same immediate surge of regret. Only with this one it'd linger. Because he couldn't make the same argument for engineering that he could for business. It seemed actually practical. Maybe he should've just studied engineering.

"What do you plan to do after getting your bachelors?" the counselor asked him. They were inside a stuffy room with no window. In lieu of view to the outdoors they gave her a glass door to the shared office she was inside along with several other counselors. It was basically a glorified cubicle. 

"I think I'm just going to do Peace Corps." 

"That's a good idea. Peace Corps is nice."

"Or join a startup."

"So you're thinking about... getting a second major?"

"No. I've been learning how to program on my own."

"Oh. Wow. Are you sure about that?"

"More sure than grad school."

"Okay. Well there are many paths to take, and it's interesting that you would want to pursue this. So you are going to learn computer science on your own?"

"Not comp-sci. Startups don't care about that. You just need to like learn how to make apps and stuff."

"Ah I see. Well. It certainly is a hot field."

While walking away from the Psychology Building after the appointment, he thought of all the things he would need to learn to join a startup. He didn't know why he wanted to work at one. A bit of it had to do with this girl in his intro to programming class who went by the name Imogen. Actually, all of it had to do with her. But he resented the idea of so much of his desires being tied to a stranger in class. 

To get his mind off things he went to Chipotle to get a late lunch. A chicken burrito bowl with half pinto, half black beans. Brown Rice. Fajita Veggies. Corn. Cheese. Sour cream. Pico De Gallo. With a hot tortilla on the side. This was the most calories and nutrition for your buck. Six dollars and sixty three cents. No drink. Just a cup for water with lemon. 

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    @abrahamKim - Hmmm... I finally cracked the code on this westcity. None of it is fiction. It is just a cover when you want to pour your heart out. I should try it cause I don't always share my rants.

    The idea of a startup or business is appealing for people that want more control. It is more expensive and risky to pursue it but the highs are worth every single low.

    Keni avatar Keni | Sep 25, 2019 10:48:05
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      lmao you've cracked the code on all fiction

      Abe avatar Abe | Sep 25, 2019 23:01:23
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