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May 17, 2019 08:41:07

Heat Fog

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Daniel Miller

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Somehow, in May, when the high temperatures crack eighty degrees Fahrenheit, we all lose our minds. Suddenly we all emerge from wherever we've all been, with very important, urgent things to do. Summer approaches. I have to make it through this light. Never mind that traffic on the other side of it isn't moving and I'll be blocking the intersection when it turns red. Hell, never mind that it's already turned red.

Work harder. Deadlines approach.

Hold your extra-curricular event. The school year's end is nigh. 

Go outside. You won't be cold. Never mind the fact it's never really cold here.

In this season I slow to a crawl. My body rebels against the heat. Maybe I have allergies but instead of sneezes, I break out in naps. Unfortunately, I too have deadlines, so many deadlines. And three children in a dozen activities. And a side business whose main activity kicks off the first week after school is out. And vacations to plan. And a check engine light that's on. And tires that are way past due to be rotated. And a bathroom faucet that needs to be replaced. And visiting parents. And a four-year-old turning five. My calendar is absurd. I have twenty minutes to get ready to leave for the office. I eat meals at my desk or in a meeting every day.

I'm not a fan of May.

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