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Aug 24, 2019 14:58:30

Heavy Feelings | Switch Hitter -- pt 6

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Nothing did it for the young nurse these days. First dates, drugs, vacations. He'd even gone sky diving another time the past summer. And... nothing.

Of course all of those made him feel things chemically. But there wasn't this feeling of him. Of Jerry and what was important to him. Then again, weren't feelings and thoughts just chemicals anyway? 

While pushing this curtained off hospital bed into a room Jerry had never been in before together with the police officer, he felt like he was a part of something.  The girl from Tinder had been running right behind them. The police officer was looking around to see if a bad guy might jump out to attack us. Jerry was bent over like he was in a TV scene. After they brought mystery patient inside, Jerry and the police officer shook hands with their elbows bent like young guys do. Then Jerry stood, taking deep breaths trying not to implode from the heavy feelings. 

That's when the thick fingers touched his shoulders again.

"Look, son. You need to go now."

Jerry nodded in understanding. The cop nodded back. Not smiling, not frowning.  A face that stated, yes, this is what's happening now, I appreciate that you understand. 

While walking away he heard the heavy door shut. He looked back several times, but the door never opened during his walk down the long hallway to the elevator at the end. The entire night until his shift was over, he didn't check his phone again.

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