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Jan 31, 2019 17:32:08

Hello from Uruguay (2)

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Martin Cristaldo

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In my first comment I was writing about why I like living in Montevideo, Uruguay. If you want to read it before keep going on this post, please look into my very first post.

The things I mentioned were that it's pretty safe and also I do have good friends here.

Love for football (soccer): I know it might not be important for many, it's kind of silly talking about that as an advantage of a country, but I do love football and I do love how we breath football here in Uruguay. Why? Because I've been in other countries where football is not as popular as here and I can feel it. I wasn't able to find people to play, to talk about it. It doesn't mean I can't live without football, but let's be honest, I NEED football. So if I can share a conversation with someone about football or If I can play football as much as I can play here, it would be a plus. It just makes me happy.

Beaches: even though the beaches aren't the most beautiful in the word, I love how easy it's to access to a beach in Uruguay, you don't need to travel so long to find a nice and quiet beach with lot of sand. The water is not my favorite since it's pretty cold, I don't like swimming in cold water ha! I love the air, sounds and mood in the coast. One day I would love to have a house in the east cost near the sea where I can go whenever I want with my hairy sons (my dogs Diego and Pedro) and my family and friends.

Conclusion: I like Uruguay and I don't have any plan to go somewhere else for now. I love the life rhythm I have here, BUT I also love traveling and I'm super willing to spend some time (6 months - 1 year or so) in another country, specially in a english speaking country where I would be able to improve my english skills exponentially.

Thanks for reading.

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    @martincristaldo Those are great reasons to love Uruguay, but I don't know how you could miss Uruguay's greatest export (next to Luis Suarez)...


    Gabriel Greco avatar Gabriel Greco | Jan 31, 2019 21:38:52
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      @gabrielgreco Haha so true Gabriel. I guess you've experienced the "Asado Uruguayo" then?

      Martin Cristaldo avatar Martin Cristaldo | Feb 01, 2019 19:22:01
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