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Oct 15, 2019 17:31:34

Hello, Math&Physics!

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I begin to teach myself math and physics. The truth is Math&Physics has been around with me the entire life without motivation to explore.

# genius VS blockhead

My sister is a genius in math and a teacher in physics. Though I'm difficult to past exams at high school and my major requires no more knowledge at college, she always shares the beauty of Math&Physics with me by books and videos. And she is the one I know has the strongest brainpower.

# get things done VS get perspective changed

Unfortunately, I entered an academic team losing in either ML models from scikit-learn or DL models from TensorFlow with hands-on-in-a-minute python to get things done. I failed to open the door of a scientific world and talk in their language, but blindly jumping in StackOverflow for instant solutions.

# short-term project VS long-term system

Most of my favorite papers are written by theoretical physicians. My professor has never clearly answered me how to describe transportation systems and mobility behaviors but they do, by the ability to illustrate a complex dynamic pattern and quantify it in math language.

Now I have a short-term project to apply vector calculus with flow model, besides that, hope I could return to  Math&Physics and build myself a long-term system.

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