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Feb 10, 2019 20:28:39

Help How?

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How will you help your clients improve their business and increase their profits this week?

Many salespeople say their products will improve their client's businesses and increase their profits. But far fewer know exactly how this happens. 

They don't know exactly how their client's businesses will improve, nor by how much their profits will increase.

In order to know how much of an impact your product or service will have on a company, you need to know a lot more about the client's company, their industry, their competitors, their current sales, their current expenses, which of their products and services they sell the most of, which ones have the greatest profit margins, and be able to identify opportunities where your product and service can actually help make a difference.

The old cold call pitch of trying to get a prospect who doesn't know you to stay on the line and actually speak with you doesn't work if you're still trying to hook them with the phrase "I can save you money"

You need to have done some significant research in advance of your call, so you can cite a specific area in which you will have a notable, measurable, positive impact on their business.

"I can save you money" pales in comparison to a line like: 

"I work exclusively with businesses in the construction industry, and I offer a service that has helped some of my other clients reduce employee absences by 20% annually. I think I can do the same for you, but need a few more details from you in order to know if I can be of benefit to your company... do you have 15 minutes to meet in person next week?"

Know your numbers.
Know their numbers.
Know specifically how you can help them.

And that will help you most in the long run.

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