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Jul 01, 2019 18:28:47

Here's What's On My Mind This Week # 002

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Today's one of those days where I just cannot be bothered writing anything deep or meaningful. But that's not because I don't have anything interesting going on right now. It's more just one of those days where I can't be stuffed to go into detail. Which is why I am just going to brain dump what's on my mind. So, here goes:

1. Bob Lazar: Area 51 & Flying Saucers (on Netflix now)

What a weird documentary. It's really spooky but the documentary is fairly scattered and somewhat disorganized. The story goes that back in the 80's a physicist named Bob Lazar worked in a sub-section of Area 51 with a team of scientists who were trying to understand how UFO's operate. They were faced with an impossible task: to understand the UFO's propulsion mechanisms that used gravitational forces powered by antimatter. 

2. Neufit Electric Stimulation Therapy

Since my knee reconstruction last year I've struggled to reactivate a lot of muscles along the entire left side of my body including my back, glutes, quads and calf. Today I went to have a Neufit session in Denver because I was fed up with my slow progress with rebuilding my leg muscles. After today's session I feel so incredibly confident that I'll be able to get back on track. Basically the protocol helps identify dormant muscles and reawakens them through electronic stimulation that not only triggers the muscles to tense, but also assists in rewiring the neurological pathways throughout the body. This is really powerful stuff and I'd highly recommend it to anyone struggling to rebuild muscle strength and coordination after a serious  injury!

Whew! I thought I'd struggle writing today, but all it took was a little prompt and here we are! 200 words done 😀

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