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Aug 19, 2019 18:03:09

High pitched, sleepy voice yawned | A Summer Near Westcity - v3 - 16

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I noticed that I couldn't stop checking my phone. 

I stared at an empty mug of coffee. 

Just a minute ago, the waitress had taken my large oval plate. I had licked it clean, except for a thin layer of egg liquid. If Rita had been here then my coffee would've never gotten lower than half full. But I guess this waitress had a different standard of service. But then again, it was much busier. 

Rita worked nights. I liked coming here in the night better. I had just begun coming here and I already had my preferences. Strange how that works. But anyways. Yes. 

What was on my phone... any new texts? Calls? 


I put my phone down as the waitress came over to fill my cup and put the check on the table. 

"Thanks." I said.

After sitting around anxiously, waiting for something to happen on my phone, I left the diner and called Jackie. I was about to hang up when a high pitched, sleepy voice yawned through the device.

"Yo. What's up man?" 

I put a twenty dollar bill on the table and left the diner. As I was walking along the sidewalk back to my apartment, I saw the waitress leaning against the brickwall of the diner, shaped like an L, smoking a cigarette.


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