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Dec 23, 2018 14:41:10

Holiday Cheer and Blues

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Does anyone else feel the blues around holiday season?

There is this strange sense of pressure that you should out and about doing something holiday-worthy. I see this manifest in so many people around me. Insecure folks making frantic plans on doing something 'totally cool' on New Years by hitting up that fancy club or crashing that celeb party. The more secure ones deciding on a homely evening with drinks and loved ones. 

But everyone doing some damn thing. 

It reminds me of the big bad wolf of societal pressure that we all live under each and every day. Go to that school, get that job, marry 'on time', have these many kids, buy that house, smile at these folks - it's never ending, really. It's fascinating how people have high expectations of complete strangers, while preaching low expectations in interpersonal relationships. 

The double-standard is real. 

You might propose that we say sayonara to all these intrusive strangers - the more expressive of you lot might encourage flipping 'em the good ol' bird - but I suspect it's easier said than done. Do we even know what living outside of societal expectations is? All our dreams and desires are borne of things we see while growing up. Have you ever imagined something that doesn't exist, not in the realm of reality, nor in the realm of fantasy? Something that no soul in the world has ever thought of? 

I guess if you had, you'd be setting up the next technological disruption - not sitting here reading this. 

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    @laiga I wouldn't say I get the blues around the holiday season, but I notice as you pointed out the societal pressure seems to be at its peak.

    Brandon Wilson avatar Brandon Wilson | Dec 23, 2018 15:43:55
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      @brandonwilson Lucky you! Holidays bring a strange melancholy with them for quite a few of us.

      LaIga avatar LaIga | Dec 24, 2018 09:27:07
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