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Jan 05, 2019 10:21:58

Homeless Pep Talk

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Lex Tan

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Today, I embrace homelessness. The freedom to seek out a new home, and to experience new things. 

I am not lacking in possessions, I have camping gear, a laptop, a waterproof backpack of clothes, and savings until I leave for the US later this year. 

So why not take this opportunity to travel around Asia and work on projects I am so grateful for having the chance to do?

Time and time again, I’ve enviously double-tapped on squares of my friends and acquaintances as they struck out on their own. You can find me scrolling with abandon, devouring their technicolor montages of adventure and wishing I could experience my own. Not discounting all the less glamorous aspects of digital nomadry.

Am I terrified? Overwhelmed by nerves? This morning maybe. But I worked through my anxiety the way I worked through a project I had to present this afternoon, by staying busy, and doing good work.

Now that my phone and I have had a few communes today, my next few steps are set. I know my long term goals well, everything else in between will just have to play with me by ear.

So this is it, my homeless pep talk. Wish me luck.

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    @lexc - just know that it's impossible not to get everything you need from those around you. Just say what you need, it'll show up.

    Brian Ball avatar Brian Ball | Jan 06, 2019 14:33:58
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      @brianball thank you Brian! I will do my best! ?

      Lex Tan avatar Lex Tan | Jan 06, 2019 14:52:47
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      @brianball thank you Brian! I will do my best! ?

      Lex Tan avatar Lex Tan | Jan 06, 2019 14:52:51
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    @lexc Do it. You will create memories for yourself which you will cherish forever, no matter which direction you take in the future. This kind of homelessness can also pave the way to a better home.

    svenka avatar svenka | Jan 05, 2019 10:51:31
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      @svenka thank you ? I will try not to lose my nerve!

      Lex Tan avatar Lex Tan | Jan 05, 2019 11:19:09
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