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Jun 03, 2019 18:40:04

How about the critics?

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I would say I am a pretty nice person, in general, haha but I can be pretty honest sometimes.

Actually, I do not write much feedbacks. I am not talking about here in 200WaD just when I see some project on Product hunt or some friends projects. I can tell to myself a lot of thoughts about why that project sucks or how it could be improved.

.. It's not about to be mean just honest thoughts and critics.

I mean I am happy about positive energy everywhere and we shouldn't be mean all the time but I guess even if it's too positive it's bad too. You cannot see the reality.

I can see it especially on Product Hunt, there are so many not so good projects with amazing feedbacks. Not sure if the Makers movement is on a good way with this. Should judge more honest. I guess. 

The question is. It's better to keep it to myself or try to comment more.

Personally, I don't care about it much I never take it too personally. Actually, I am glad if somebody says something even if it's bad. I wouldn't just of the cliff cuz of that haha.


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