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Jul 18, 2019 13:59:47

How do you manage feature requests from users for a SaaS app?

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Continuing to answer Quora questions to do my 200WaD while marketing Canny.

Here's my answer for How do you manage feature requests from users for a SaaS app?

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We built Canny to tackle this exact problem.

We see feature request management as a three-step cycle:

  1. Collect feature requests You're probably getting these already. Maybe you're keeping track of them in a spreadsheet. Whatever system you choose, make sure everything is organized. You'll want to keep track of who's giving the feedback. You should be able to see how many people are asking for the same things.
  2. Plan your roadmap Now that you're armed with feature request data, prioritization becomes a lot easier. Consider where the feedback came from. Are they a paying customer? Are they an enterprise customer? These other details will help you decide what to prioritize. Check out our guide to roadmap prioritization for small teams.
  3. Share updates This is your chance to complete the feedback loop. Your customers requested a feature, they would love if you followed up. Once you build your roadmap, you can share updates throughout your progress. Even if their request is something you won't do, let them know that. They'll appreciate the transparency.
It's that simple. Ultimately, it's up to your team to decide whether or not you'll prioritize a request.
At scale, managing feedback gets tough. We've also written about best practices for responding to feedback.
I hope this is helpful!

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