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Jan 09, 2019 18:11:28

How does One add value to a sales role?

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Brian Ball

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A sales job has a handful of key activities.

1. Find Prospects

2. Qualify Prospects into Leads

3. Educate Leads

4. Filter leads towards a sale.

5. Optimize the sale with customer feedback and lessons learned

Here, I'll just briefly describe #1:

Find Prospects

There are inbound strategies and outbound strategies.

With Inbound, you're setting traps around the multiverse hoping they'll find you. You may leave a business card on the public board at Starbucks or you might have your teacher friend stuff all her fellow teacher's inboxes with a coupon.

Google, is a dominant force with an Inbound strategy. You create content that Google likes - and when your content matches a search ( one of billions ), they'll show a link to sites their algorithm favors.

This is a long-term passive strategy and it's more of them finding you rather than you finding them. Still it's a prospect that can convert into a qualified lead.

There is Outbound.

This looks a lot like hunting. You prepare your gear, you know your target, and you head out with the goal of bringing back something to eat.

With b2b sales, you have already identified what kind of companies could use your product or service so you look for people who work in that organization. You contact them via LinkedIn, phone, social media or email and try to schedule a time to pitch them.

This is easiest when you have a fun, unique offering. It's more difficult when the solution is not something easy to purchase and the competition for it is strong. The recipient of your message may not be pre-qualified in their own mind and so, like the idea of getting in shape, they'll defer it as long as possible.

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