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Jul 19, 2019 23:42:15

How has my role evolved

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The main change has been new responsibilities and trying out various parts of VC.
Keep in mind we are a small team with 5 people and investments are in early-stage and industry agnostic.

Previously, I was heavily focusing on due diligence, internal fund management, and working with portfolio companies when they were raising their next round.
Even though I am involved with most of the things I used to do, I now have another team member who has been helping me out. Two new things I now have time to do is more sourcing and learn about new things at work.

The changes have been taking place slowly but I am excited about changes. This is how I envision my time will be spent near future:
25% Sourcing
25% Due Diligence
25% Portfolio companies
25% Internal Fund things
It won't be even but you get the idea. More than anything, I enjoy what I am doing now and want to get better at it. The whole team and my peers have been helpful as I grow into my role more.
On a high-level, two goals for the rest of the year: find an outside mentor and be able to reach out to industry expertise in any industry.

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