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Feb 05, 2019 17:48:38

How I use trello to track personal performance

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I review my 2019 January personal performance on Trello. After I write the performance review post, I'm thinking to share how I work on my performance review with Trello.

The first column on my performance tracking board will be my Goal which I would like to achieve in 2019 with a clear target. Some of my targets include like 100k Sales for my business, build 12 products, build up 12 positive habits, losing 15kg weight etc. All these are set with a clear goal, for example, instead of saying you want to bring in more sales, you listed how much more deals you want to bring in or if you're going to lose weight, how many kilograms are you plan to drop it.

The second column will be quarterly column; one year have four quarter, you need to split your big goal into smaller, which is easier to conquer and you can start with a small win. The Quarterly review is also telling you that is your big goal realistic or wheater you can do much better. Example if you only manage to hit 10k sales after two quarters, maybe a more realistic goal is changed to target for 50k sales per year? Or perhaps if you have lost 10 kilograms in the first quarter already, you might set your weight loss target greater?

The third column will be Work In Progress column, things that I planning to this month in order to help hit my quarterly target, list out everything as an individual card and tag with different labels, each label with a unique colour that represents one of your goals. By browsing through the colour label, you can tell that how much effort you put in for each goal.

Last will be the monthly column, create a column for each month. Every card that you completed just drag over the month column. For example, once you complete card A, card B and card C just move it over to January column, create a new monthly column once this month is over. This helps you to keep track how much progress of each goal through every month.

P/s I will use some emoji on the card title to show some encouragement to myself, like thumb up for me to complete the 2 big cups of water every morning card. Thumb down for some of the cards that I miss, so that I remind myself to try harder for the upcoming month.

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