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Aug 11, 2019 13:28:31

How is it like to be 90 years old?

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Have you ever thought about what your life will be like when you are 80 or 90 years old? 

Maybe you think you won't even make it that far ...

And maybe that's not on your mind at all when you are only in your 20s or 30s. 

Right now, I get to experience how life is like for my grandparents and my friends' grandparents.... and I don't like what I see ... at all. 

Today, I visited my grandma who has now moved to a 10 sqm room in a retirement home. That's all that's left for her. 

There's not much to do there ... besides watching TV, reading, and trying to socialise with the other inmates (that's the word she used). 

Unfortunately, many others have severe dementia ... so not much socialising there. 

She told me that she never anticipated how quickly she'd loose her energy ... her ability to perform the small daily tasks that let you live independently on your own... like washing the dishes. 

Basically, I observed two types of elderly:

For the first type, their bodies are deteriorating faster than their minds. They almost feel trapped in a body that won't function anymore as it used to. Their mind stays sharp though. 

The second type is losing their minds because of dementia and alzheimers. And won't even know most of the time what's happening to them. 

Of course, there are some exceptions, who are mentally and physically fit up to an old age. 

But mostly, I don't like the outlook...

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