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May 15, 2019 23:10:04

How to deep dive with epistemic curiosity

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This post is not an answer to this title, rather ends with an open question to the readers. 

Yesterday, I wrote about "Three types of curiosity". Today I originally wanted to deep dive into one of them, epistemic curiosity because I know I have a lot of diversive and empathic curiosity. 

β€œDiversive curiosity might make you wonder what a person does for a living; empathic curiosity makes you wonder why they do it.”

I love traveling to new places in the world. I lived in 4 different countries and 2 US states and traveled 20 countries. I love eating new tastes and new restaurants. Also, I always thought if someone is into something, I tried to find where is such an interesting point, and actually I kept doing until I feel it.  

On the other hand, Ian Leslie mentioned that in our daily life we are distracted or attracted by notifications from social media like Twitter, Facebook, and are scratching the surfaces of different kinds of things for every minute. Then almost nothing is learned. 

Those who I have really respected among my friends have strong epistemic curiosity. They continuously deep dive into the narrow and learn deep. 

I tried to find good material on the internet how to cultivate epistemic curiosity but did not find good resource yet. Let's see tomorrow or later. 

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