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Jan 30, 2019 09:27:16

How to Get. a Sales Job

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Brian Ball

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Dress to Impress - you’re selling yourself 

Hair, Skin, teeth, smile

top layer + shoes + leggings

are you interesting?

are you curious?

do you complement the boss / manager?

what is on the table?

what can you bring to the table?

how do you add value to the sales role?

what do you know about sales?

where are you strong?

how strong is your self awareness?

what might you know about the company culture?

why are you a good choice?

are you the best choice?

are you fun?

are you hard-working?

According to a quick Google search: being hard working means you will persist when others would've given up.

One thing that sales people need is the ability to think quick on their feet. They also need to be able to confidently hold their tongue and not offer value before it's paid for. Sometimes, if you offer up ideas, the consulting value is lost. People aren't willing to pay for value that's been delivered in "I have an idea" form.

What do you know about the target audience?

How do you network?

I've been to Meetups and conferences. Both are great for networking. The ones where you attend a conference and mingle and chat with people make longer relationships than single-evening networking events.

Who else sells to the targeted audience?

If you do a day worth of Googling keywords, you'll find plenty of people offering similar services. These are your competitors. What can you learn from them?

What content are they providing that you could also be providing? Where are they sourcing their leads? 

What keywords are they ranking for in Google?

what category is the budget coming from?

how does your solution make people’ life better

how many questions so you know to ask?

what is something that has worked in the past for prospecting?

 At the end of the day - believe in what you sell!

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