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Mar 11, 2019 23:51:22

How to make a hard choice

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Today it occurred to me that I have been stucked over a month for making one choice. If deadline is not tomorrow, maybe it would take me another month,too.

Everytime I have to make a hard decision that would make my life heaven or hill. The same nightmare would come back to me, I usually wake up at night to make sure I am not eighteen years old anymore and the high school class had been over forever and I am safe in my freedom. The headers part is to realize I am brothered by the another trouble other than taking exams and failed on it.

It's silly to be trapped in teenager nightmare for years as a grown up adult, just like I am very thin now but the little fat girl have never gone over the past ten years. Life like an mirror, everyday I am fear to see my own imperfect figure and try to escape from it. As the result, my awaked running steps upset myself.

Maybe you would say, "Be brave and solve the problem! "  I just can't. I build a boat for myself as a result of losing a forest. What I found was I have been left in a  dessert for boating. 

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