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Jan 30, 2019 16:55:41

How to move to the USA? Visa L1. [4] (9/333)

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Do you want to open a business? Do you have a business? If your answer is "yes", this article is for you.


There are two types of visa:
1. L1-A is for people who have a business and want to open a branch of their company in the USA. 
2. L1-B is for specialized employees.

Today I will tell you about the L1-A visa. 

I think that L1 is one of the best ways for people who want to immigrate. This visa doesn't have a quota. You don't need a high degree to apply. You can take your family. A spouse will be able to work and children will be able to study. L1 is non-immigrant, but you don't need to prove relations with the homeland, because it's a double-intention visa.

Usually, L1 holders apply under EB1-3 in 3 months to stay in the US. But nonetheless, you can apply under any immigration visa (I wrote about these visas here). Your choice will be depended on your strides and success.

You are in if:

1. You have a business at least one year.

To get the visa, you need to show a business plan, rent an office, create an American bank account and etc. 

Important: your companies must be active.


Today is a good day to open a business.

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