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Jun 30, 2019 08:08:25

How to plan your next month?

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Today is the last day of first summer month. It is a great ability to analyse your behavior, what you achieved this month and set new goals and be the best copy of yourself.

I just finished to set goals for the next month. I did it in a new way that I came up with in process of creating goals. And I want to tell how I did it, because this new method is clear and organised.

Nothing should distract you in process. Find a place where "distracting things" level is minimal. For me, it's a kitchen, it's a good place where I can stay alone and listen to singing birds, wind and look at the sky. I didn't take my phone and laptop to kitchen, because these things rise the level of distraction for me.

I took a clear A4 paper, and folded it in half. You can take any paper, even a notebook, but it should be clear like your mind. Then start to write everything you want to achieve this month (maybe you can write week or year plan). Number every goal, it's important for the next stage.

After you finish it, mark every heavy and important goal, not important and daily goals. Then look at your list again and mark goals that you can finish (for example, my goal "publish AI experiment" is what I can finish, but "Publish my artworks on Instagram" is continuing goal and I can't finish it). On the second half of my paper, I counted how much points of each group I have and wrote down it.

Looks great. It feels much completable now. You can stop on this stage, if you pleased with yourself. I decided to write this plan to improve my lifestyle and start to achieve what I want.

If you like me, draw a circle and divide it into 8 parts β€” it's our spheres of life. Call every segment: work, family (it's family, romantic relationships), friends, hobbies, rest, health, spirituality, self-development. This circle is called "wheel of life balance". Then mark your level of each segment trusting your feelings. You can check an example here. Color the shape you have gotten. Make a notion "now".

Thereafter, draw the same clear circle with segments, look at your list and imagine yourself in a month after achieving all goals. How do you feel it? Mark your new level of each segment and make a notion "after".

That's ready! We orginized all goals, know their priority and how we will change!


I forgot to tell one point. We numbered every goal to add these goals to the second circle. So, we need to know what these goals will do in every sphere of life. Just write numbers of every goal to appropriate segments. For example, a number of my task β€œPublish my artworks on Instagram” I will add to β€œhobbies” segment.

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