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May 23, 2019 07:14:47

How to suffer less

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Julia Saxena

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I have a notebook in Evernote where I save articles, blog posts, and other little snippets that I want to read again at some point. Mostly because they're so good. 

I learn a lot from clever people on the internet, but I also forget almost as much. 

So, I need to constantly relearn the things that I'm forgetting. 

One such thing comes from a Tony Robbins post called "How to suffer less":

Our brain is not designed to make us happy but rather for us to survive. That means it's constantly looking for something that's wrong, or that could hurt us in our environment. 

If you leave it to your brain to run the show, your life will be filled with stress and anxiety. But there's another way: You can learn to direct your thoughts, your focus, to stay in a happy state instead of a suffering state. 

Everyone has his/her own "favorite flavor of suffering", but usually it comes from one of three triggers: That we'll lose something, have less of something, or will never have something. 

You can make the decision to take control of your mind. You can become committed to enjoying life no matter what happens to you. Your state of mind is 100% your responsibility. Life is just too short to suffer! 

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    @juliasaxena I love Evernote. Been collecting stuff into my account for 10+ years. But I rarely review what's in my E notebooks. Good intentions. Good intentions. But was it time well spent? I dunno.
    Was it easier to cope with our ambitions and mistakes before the internet? Do we know too much about what's going on out there (everywhere)? Is it too easy to make unflattering comparisons to ourselves? I dunno.
    I love this technology. Hell, I found you @juliasaxena. You caught my attention and I'm writing this slightly revealing message to a stranger. Good intentions. Good intentions. But I think it's time well spent.
    Thanks for sharing.

    - Mike

    Mike Byrnes avatar Mike Byrnes | May 23, 2019 13:49:59
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      @mikebyrnes I think we do know too much now. The internet is a godsend and curse at the same time.

      Julia Saxena avatar Julia Saxena | May 24, 2019 02:57:04
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    @juliasaxena Completely agree!

    Brandon Wilson avatar Brandon Wilson | May 23, 2019 07:35:58
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