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Feb 07, 2019 20:50:45

How To Write A Joke

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Wow, this website "How To Write A Joke" is amazing. To make us capable of telling a joke, the process of making a joke was described. It is very serious about making it funny. 

A joke is not about finding something funny. A joke is writing about something and making it funny.

Here is summary of key points.

Elements of Story

A joke is a story that needs the following elements:

  1. Character - who
  2. Setting - where
  3. Plot - what  
  4. Conflict 
  5. Theme 
  6. Narrative Arc

I tend to be missing conflict in my story. Also I did not think of theme or narrative arc. 

Surprise & Plot twist 

Laghter is generated by surprise when people expect something but it ends with unexpected things. So we need to steer the audience to assume one sceanario and in the last moment we need to flip it. 

Listing Technique

To come up with something to talk or write about, the website also share 3 steps:

  • Ask yourself 3 Questions:
    • What is new?
    • What have I acquired?
    • What is changed?
  • Deepen the topics and find the core idea by 5W1H 
    • Who - me
    • What - found the video about how to write a mettlesome joke
    • Where - alone, in front of my wife (promote embarrassing)
    • Why - i felt not socialized in happy hour.
    • When - at night
    • How - wondering how to become a comedian
  • Identify Incongruity between two things e.g.,
    • nurse and dunk
    • ox and beautiful 
    • jail and party
    • obligation and heaven
    • kick and kitcut
    • evil and hilarious

No life.

- Hiro


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