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Apr 09, 2019 00:34:55

How to write a technical blog

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This post is quite similar to what I wrote yesterday "How to write a technical book" but a book is different from a blog. So today I will summarize some articles related to the way of writing a technical blog. 

How to find a topic

What to write? No topic to write... but you can write about

  • what you were stuck in a job
  • what you helped others 
  • pull request you made
  • lectures or conferences you attended
  • summarize what you did in a daily job
  • translate the foreign language into another language
  • read and break down an open source project or code
  • development methodology you are working on 

Whenever you find "issues", "needs", "help", they could be potential contents as long as we have the desire to share them with others. Or it is okay just for your note.

Flor of writing a blog

  1. Find a potential topic 
    If you cannot find by googling, it might be very valuable
  2. Determine the target audience
    Is it for beginners or experts? What do you want the reader to do after reading? 
  3. Finish writing 
    "Done is better than perfect"
  4. Create a title
    Spend more time on the most exposed part, which is a title. Come up with 30 relevant words and try a different combination of them accounting for the audience.
  5. Read and revise over and over
    You can read it one-day later. 
  6. Post it
  7. Share it


  • "Not only smart people write a blog or book. It is equally important to write it from a beginners' perspective. It is also an ability to find it difficult"


To build a habit, I found it very powerful to have an appropriate mindset and the right strategy. That was an aha moment for me when I read and wrote about "On Writing Well by William".

I unconsciously thought the writing was not that hard but in reality, it was hard. This gap between my unconscious expectation and the reality generated the mental blocker.

In addition, once you know some tips to continue your training, it could become a much lower bar to pass and make it sustainable mentally and physically.  

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