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Feb 23, 2019 19:59:31

Humane Color System Proposal

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I've got a brilliant idea! How about we give a name to every color so we can simply stop using those stupid numbers and use human language instead? Here is the early prototype

There are 256*256*256 colors in the RGB color space, which equals to 16 777 216 colors (~17 million). We cannot use single words, because according to different sources with different view of what is a “word”, there are from three hundred thousand to one million words in English — seventeen times less than necessary. And if you leave only nouns — even less, so we can't use just nouns. 

A pretty obvious solution would be to use combinations of words. If we assume there are just fifty thousand of adjectives and nouns, it would be possible to create 2500000000 (2.5 billion!) combinations of them — much more than necessary. It also might be useful to utilize prepositions in some weird word combinations. Verbs could be used too, for example “burning building” or “burnt carrot” are both valid color names.

An awesome thing about humans is that we understand abstraction. Computers don't, so it could be difficult to implement such system, but let's leave it to computer programmers — these peeps are smart. (Oh, I just gave a compliment to myself.) Also since there are more words than colors, it could be useful to give one color two names if for some reasons they match in the real world. For example, Dirty Floor could be of the same color as Jupiter.

There also should be a special sign to understand the “Human Language Notation” for colors like there is a “#” for HEX colors. (I assume it was called “hex” because of, “What the hex do those letters and numbers mean?”) Since we are talking human here, I propose the “the color of” prefix. Examples: the color of Pen Ink, the color of Bald Head, the color of Angelic Milk. By the way, we don't need to capitalize them, I just did it for emphasis.

What would the typical conversation between designers be? It would be super easy to understand for everyone, here is a simple example:

– Why did you use the color of bald head here?
– I also considered using the color of brown egg, but it didn't look that good.

Isn't it great? — me, about my own idea.

With humane colors everyone will be able to use their own language to express a color. They shouldn't be limited to English only, therefore there is a problem of localization. I'm sure cool developers would sort that out, so you can write Lana Rosa or 树皮 or Иван Чай to specify a color. The prefix obviously is also localizable.

Today there are 140 named colors in CSS — a language that defines the looks of web pages. Why are there only 140 of them when there are 17 million colors? It is not fair. We should name all colors to use them easily! That's why I decided to propose a system that would allow us to specify colors using words.

Thanks for reading!

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