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May 08, 2019 21:34:16

I Bought 5 iPads Last Month

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Your first question may be "why in the name of gawd did you buy FIVE iPads last month?" and I couldn't blame you for asking.

Here's how it happened.

iPad #1

First, I decided that after having some client money come in that I'd get myself and my wife some new iPads. I had an iPad Mini 2 and she had a newer Mini (I think?) but it wasn't holding a charge at all. So I popped into Costco and picked up the 9.7" iPad 6. I picked up an Apple Pencil from Amazon because I had some gift card credit there. 

I quickly realized that there's a reason this iPad is so cheap. It's pretty basic. No laminated display, which makes the Apple Pencil a markedly less enjoyable experience. No True Tone or anti-reflective display. It just felt too...average. So I returned that one and decided to try something different and BOY did I swing in the opposite direction!

iPad #2

I acted super impulsively and ended up getting the Apple financing so I could pick up the new 11" iPad Pro and Apple Pencil. This thing was a dream. Those thin bezels, the magnetic Apple Pencil. The best of everything. The gorgeous ProMotion and stereo speakers. I absolutely loved it.

But I couldn't get over this crushing feeling that I had to really make use of this thing in order to justify the price tag. And then I started feeling guilty that I wasn't using it as much as I thought I should (I just don't have the time during the day). So, sadly I returned this one to the Apple Store.

Now I had a choice to make. Did I go with the new iPad Air (which is essentially the same specs as the 10.5" iPad Pro, but without the Pro Motion), the 10.5" iPad Pro since it was cheaper and DID have the stereo speakers and Pro Motion display, but older processor or the new iPad Mini?

iPad #3

I opted for a refurbished 10.5" from Amazon, where it was about $70 cheaper than going through Apple. I don't know I went this route, since these were not eligible for Apple Care and there was a higher likelihood of there being something wrong with it. But I did it, and when it arrived...there was a pretty visible scratch right in the upper middle of the screen.


So disappointed. I knew I couldn't keep this thing. I wasn't about to commit years of my life to something that had an annoying scratch on Day 1.

iPad #4

Same iPad but via Apple refurbished. This time it was in impeccable condition, and I got a sweet lightning connector keyboard for it too that held the Apple Pencil. This felt better than the 11" because it was about $400 cheaper (including the $30 more expensive Apple Pencil. I thought I'd stick with this one. I really did.

I soon realized that although I did enjoy the Pro Motion display and stereo speakers, they weren't CRUCIAL to how I use the iPad. And I couldn't shake the feeling that I'd be better off with a new generation iPad, that sported the very best processor.

Was I seriously going to return yet another iPad and get something else?


iPad #5

I still have this one, though it's still within the return period so WHO KNOWS WHAT I'LL DO! Ultimately, I decided to stick with the form factor that I'd known for the past half-decade or so...the Mini. I already had a keyboard case for it, after all, so that would save me some mon...whoops! The dimensions aren't the same between the 2 and the current model. Ah well, they make one for this size and it's half the cost of the one for the iPad Pro.

So that's where it stands. I got the Mini, with a keyboard case and Apple Pencil sleeve attached to the back of it (with a matte screen protector to make the Pencil feel like it's writing on paper).

So far I don't really miss the larger screen much, except for having been able to use it as a secondary display when working on my laptop.

I love how portable and one-hand-holdable the Mini is.

Meanwhile, my wife's still rocking the 9.7" and thinks I'm a crazy person! Haha.

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    @nicksimard You know  topics are like catnip to me. This is quite a story and a good illustration of how Apple has fragmented its product offerings so much that it's making choices and recommendations more difficult. I'm glad you like the iPad mini. I have the smaller iPad Pro, which is great but the size and weight is finally wearing on me for travel purposes. I never would have thought I'd look into the Mini, but I just might have to.

    Brandon Wilson avatar Brandon Wilson | May 09, 2019 07:35:27
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      @brandonwilson Yeah, I did really enjoy some aspects of the Pros but in the end, I just really love how portable and holdable the Mini is. And it's easy to use the Apple Pencil with. Battery life is decent and considering I always use my AirPods, it doesn't really matter if it has stereo speakers.

      I didn't expect it to become such an ordeal to get a new iPad, haha. I watched WAY too many YouTube videos about the various models, too. This page became my best friend: https://www.apple.com/ipad/compare.

      Nick Simard avatar Nick Simard | May 09, 2019 22:27:53
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